It’s Been A While Since We Had A MJ Freeway Lawsuit…….

Pennsylvania, media outlet Grown In reports

Pennsylvania seed-to-sale tracker embroiled in lawsuit with key diversity, tech support subcontractor

A federal lawsuit between Pennsylvania’s controversial seed-to-sale tracking company and a subcontractor responsible for obtaining enough points so the tracking company could win the state contract has been grinding through courts as the tracker’s initial contract period is coming to a close.

The case, which was filed in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania, has been in mediation since April, which could conclude at any time.

Akerna-owned MJ Freeway LLC, which Pennsylvania regulators contracted to provide seed-to-sale tracking for all state cannabis vendors, has been embroiled in a lawsuit since May 2021 with minority-owned technology contractor TreCom Systems Group Inc over non-payment for services and the validity of the initial contract between the two companies. TreCom, a technology services vendor for multiple contracts with the State of Pennsylvania, was a key component of MJ Freeway’s 2016 seed-to-sale proposal to Pennsylvania regulators. As a qualified diverse subcontractor, TreCom was responsible for a significant portion of the points assigned to MJ Freeway in the proposal evaluation, according to state RFP scoring documents.